Transporter type material handling system is one of the most demanded type and we take immense pride in introducing ourselves as one of the leading and well known manufacturers of such systems. Such systems are provided when the objects to be cleaned are in huge quantities and heavy. It is designed to lift around 50 to 400 kgs of load.

It consists of a transporter of robust design, comprising of steel support framework, fully interlocked motorized mechanism for up/down movement and traverse mechanism. A set of limit/proximity switches are positioned on the transporter which ensures correct stopping of the transporter at the process tank. It has necessary length of tracks supports, interconnections and with festooned catenary cable, support and posts. It is designed to operate on AUTOMATIC/MANUAL mode and has separate load/unload stations.

User friendly PLC is provided to operate the entire cleaning system. The timings of each tank is controlled by PLC.

The transporter type cleaning machine is designed in such a way that multiple   objects can be cleaned within a specific period of time.
A brief of its operational process is enlisted below:

  • The transporter will lift the basket from the load station.
  • The transporter will move forward and place the basket in the 1st tank.
  • After the set time, the basket will be dunked for a few seconds in the tank and then will be moved upwards. The transporter will carry the basket and place it in the 2nd tank.
  • The transporter will dis-engage the basket and will move back to the load station to pick a new basket.
  • The new basket will be placed in the 1st tank.
  • The transporter will move towards the 2nd tank to pick up the basket placed there. It will lift the basket and place it in the 3rd tank. The basket will be dunked for a few seconds and will be carried to the 4th tank. The basket will be placed in the 4th tank.
  • The transporter will dis-engage the basket and move towards the 1st tank. It will pick the basket and place it in the 2nd tank
  • This process is repeated till the time the basket reaches the unload station
These cleaning systems are custom built and are manufactured as per customer’s specifications.

We are into manufacturing of various industrial and automated material handling systems that are ideal for AQUA based and TCE based multi stage ultrasonic cleaning systems. This bulk material handling system is of rugged chain & sprocket type and has separate or common load / unload stations. A brief of its operational process is enlisted below:

  • The basket containing objects once loaded at load station will be automatically carried from one chamber to another chamber
  • The basket will remain in each tank for particular set time. This is achieved by means of synchronized timer
  • The set time will be same for each tank and is called the cycle time. i.e. If cycle time is 3 minutes there will be one basket thoroughly cleaned and ready to unload at unload station every 3 minutes
  • When the basket is inside the tank chain will stop. This is achieved by means mit switches/proximity switches

Chains are also an integral part of our industrial material handling systems that have suitable thickness  with heat treated links. The sprockets with provision of double ball bearings are mounted on the "C"channel structure which is erected on two opposite sides of cleaning plants. The pair of chains runs in parallel directions with a connecting rod in S.S. at every pitch distance. The chain  is provided with ideal tensioning device to keep the chain tight throughout the run. A  1 HP geared motor is provided to drive chain. A torque limiter is provided in drive mechanism for disconnecting the drive in case of any emergency. If torque value exceeds the set value, the chain slips, safeguarding the drive & the system.



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