Backed with rich experience and knowledge, we are one of the professional manufacturers of Top Loaded Industrial Component washing machine. It is a highly efficient ultrasonic machine with excellent durability and optimum cleaning power.

The salient features of the top loaded washing machine are:

  • Cleaning in enclosed stainless steel cabinet
  • Rotating basket for uniform cleaning of the objects
  • High jet spray nozzles provided at strategic locations to cover the entire area of the objects
  • High pressure pump to spray cleaning media on objects
  • Sump tank with oil skimmer and Filteration and re-circulation system to continuously spray filtered cleaning media on the objects
  • Minimum heating time required

Top loaded washing machines are useful for various applications like

  • Cleaning of component/machined part
  • Removal of anti-rust before working
  • Cleaning of component before welding
  • Maintainence workshop
These ultrasonic machines are available in various sizes and can be custom built based on the client’s specifications.
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