We manufacture multi-stage automatic ultrasonic cleaning system for cleaning of infectious bottles containing blood or urine samples without any human intervention.
These machines are mostly used in laboratories where samples of infectious blood, urine etc are collected for testing purpose.
These bottles are re-used for which a thorough cleaning process is required.
This multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system completely minimizes human intervention thereby protecting them from any hazardous and life-threatening diseases.
Spray nozzles are provided at strategic locations so that high jet sprays of water/cleaning media gets sprayed directly inside the bottles.
Effective ultrasonic sonication helps in complete cleaning of the bottles making them fit to be re-used.
A 360 degree rotating mechanism is provided to remove the contaminated media from the bottles.
This is an entire automatic cleaning process which minimizes labour and health hazards due to minimal contact.
These machines are custom built as per the customer’s requirements.

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