We are amongst the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of ultrasonic cleaners with in-built chiller. These machines are extensively used in laboratories and in pharma companies.
These machines have an in-built chiller of varying capacities to maintain the temperature of the bath. Our in-built chiller unit can be set to a desired temperature ranging from 5 – 20 degree C. Ultrasonic cleaners during sonication generates heat which is not suitable for certain applications. The chiller unit helps to regulate the temperature of the bath to the desired level.
The salient features of the machine are as follows:

  1. In-built chiller unit to maintain the temperature of the bath at the desired level ranging from 5-20 degree C.
  2. Degassing the sample solution
  3. Micro Controller based Digital Timer and Digital Temperature Controller
  4. Latest MOSFET technology

The ultrasonic cleaner with in-built chiller offered by us is available in various sizes and specifications as per the customer’s requirement.

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