Ultrasonic Sonicator (Processor/Emulsifier)

We are one of the prestigious manufacturers of Ultrasonic Sonicators (Processor/Emulsifier). Manufactured using premium grade raw materials, these processors are specially designed for pharmaceutical industry, chemical labs and various research institutes.
The Ultrasonic Sonicators are widely used for:

  • Emulsification of immiscible liquids
  • Degassing and De-aerting of Liquids
  • Formulations
  • Particle Dispersion/Disintegration

(In small volumes batches of less than 100 ml)

The ultrasonic Sonicator generates high frequency vibrations by means of an S.S. velocity Horn which is immersed in the liquid to be processed. These vibrations give rise to millions of intense microscopic vacuum bubbles which form and implode at a very high rate (twenty thousand times per second).This phenomenon is known as CAVITATIONS.
These cavitation gives rise to intense local pressure waves and micro-streaming of the liquid round the points of collapse which in turn produces high-shear gradients which is responsible for the above activities.

Some of the advantages of the Ultrasonic Sonicators are:

  • Microfined emulsion, homogenization
  • More stable compared to other processes
  • Very Flexible. It can be easily transferred from one batch to another without any intermediately operations like emptying, cleaning and refilling. The Sonicator can be easily transported to various locations of sample preparations.

The ultrasonic Sonicators are available in 120 watts and 250 watts. However it can be developed based on customers specifications to meet diverse industrial requirements.

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